Peoria County Hears Complaints About Planned Hog Facility

Peoria County officials say they have been hearing complaints about a proposed hog facility near Princeville. Area residents have also been asking the county to conduct a public hearing so their complaints can be heard.

County Administrator Scott Sorrell says there will be no such public hearing, because the county does not have a say in the matter.

Sorrell says, according to state law, Peoria County has no rights to affect change in the matter because the facility will have less than 2,500 hogs.

“Just like our residents, state law does not allow us a voice in this instance. Therefore, we do not intend to have a public meeting, as we would not be able to act upon any comments garnered,” Sorrell said in a news release. “What we can do moving forward is work with our legislators to change the statute.”

Sorrell has outlined three possible solutions that, he says, are important to Peoria County.

“First, the State Water Survey should play a greater role in the review process to assess impacts on the ground water supply. Second, there needs to be greater transparency and notification provided to local governments for a proposed facility, including the opportunity for local governments, like Peoria County, to gain meaningful input from citizens and county professional staff. Third, the Department of Agriculture should also consider a prohibition of any Livestock Management Facility within 1.5 miles of any municipality to preserve the municipality’s ground water supply and potential adverse impact on property values,” Sorrell said.



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